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"Manned launch" program - Baikonur

Day 1
Meeting with the company representative at the airport
Flight Moscow-Baikonur
Transfer to the hotel, check-in, accommodation
Spare time, rest

Day 2
•Breakfast in the hotel
•Transfer to cosmodrome
•Roll-out of the Soyuz Rocket. Following the Soyuz to its launch site
•Watching the installation of the rocket on the launch pad
•Visit to the integration building of Soyuz and Progress spaceships
•Transfer back to the town
•Visit to the International space school

Day 3
Breakfast in the hotel
Excursion in the Museum of history of cosmodrome Baikonur
General sightseeing of the town of Baikonur (information about the history of the town, stops near the memorials and monuments)
Transfer to Cosmonaut hotel
International press conference with the main and backup crews of Soyuz-TMA vehicle
Walk along the historical alley of Cosmonauts where personalized trees are planted
International press conference with the main and backup crews

Day 4
Breakfast in the hotel
Farewell of the crew at Cosmonaut hotel
Transfer to cosmodrome
Space Crew ready-to-go official report
Lunch or dinner on the territory of cosmodrome (depending on the launch time)
Museum of Baikonur cosmodrome
Gagarin and Korolev historical cottages
Buran orbital spaceship
Transfer to the observation site of the Soyuz launch pad
Observation of the launch of Soyuz rocket
Transfer back to town
Observation of the process of docking of Soyuz TMA spaceship to the ISS (in case if 4-orbit rendezvous program is confirmed for the particular crew)

Day 5
Breakfast in the hotel
Transfer to the airport
Flight to Moscow
This is a preliminary program. The time and order of visiting the facilities of Baikonur cosmodrome can be changed because of the specificity and technical features of this complex. Besides, the duration of the program depends on the date and time of the rocket launch, so each program is always adjusted for the particular launch. Please, contact our specialists for more details.

The cost includes:
All the necessary permissions for getting access to cosmodrome
Flights Moscow-Baikonur, Baikonur-Moscow by special Roscosmos charters
Transportation services in Baikonur
Travel assistance by company representative
Accommodation with full board
Photo and video shooting permission
Execution of the Baikonur visiting program
In addition to the basic program in Baikonur we can offer you following visits: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (different excursion programs, training on real space simulators, corporate programs), Air Force museum, Mission control centre, Energia spacecraft plant, Memorial museum of cosmonautics, Korolev memorial house, Tsiolkovsky memorial house and Space museum in Kaluga, Gagarin memorial house, Moscow sightseeing program.

•You should send your application before the visit of cosmodrome Baikonur with special questionnaires and copies of passports of all the participants enclosed.
•To participate in the tour to Baikonur it is necessary to obtain double-entry Russian visa, Kasakh visa is not necessary.